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At Van and Man Nottingham the important idea that we want to convey to all potential customers is that our approach to work is entirely flexible. Anything that you suspect may be suitable work for us almost certainly is! Please feel free to call or email us to ask about what we can do. In the meanwhile, here are some examples:

General removals: Maybe you just want to move a piece of furniture down the road, or you might be taking a load of stuff to the continent, either way we can take your property safely from A to B for a low price.

Art moving: Although we are not specialist art movers we have built up some considerable experience in the field. We have successfully moved paintings and sculptures between studios and exhibitions and we are aware of the extra care needed to properly carry out such work.

Bands to venues: Musical equipment needed for gigs tends to be large and heavy! It doesn't take many amps to fill the boot of a car, so if you're in a band why not hire us to take all your kit to venues that you're playing? We can take two passengers along with us, in case that helps, and best of all nobody has to be the designated driver....

Shopping trips and collecting items: Delivery services provided by retailers can be expensive and inconvenient. You may find that we are cheaper and more able to fit around your schedule. We can also take you as a passenger, so you can combine the collection with a bit of shopping time!

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