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Environmental Policy

At Van and Man Nottingham we care about the impact on our environment of burning fossil fuels. Currently, we have to rely on diesel to power our vans in order to be price competitve, but we follow the procedures outlined below in order to make sure that we minimise the consequences. All our vans are Euro IV compliant with regards to diesel particulate emissions and we service them regulalry to make sure that they are not burning oil or fuel in an inefficient way.

We use satellite navigation for all our journeys. Because of this we do not waste fuel on unnecessarily long trips.

We run a completely paperless office; invoices are sent to customers via e-mail and we do not engage in any marketing activities that use paper or any other physical products. This provides a secondary benefit which is that our costs are kept down which is partially responsible for our low prices. All waste produced by the company is recycled where possible.

In addition to the above provisions, we make regular contributions to a carbon offsetting scheme. The level of contribution will be adjusted so that it covers the total amount of CO2 generated by our company. The scheme that we use is run by The Carbon Advice Group. They offer a number of options with regards to how contributions will be used. Van and Man Nottingham support a project based in India which is aimed at generating energy through the construction of wind farms in areas of otherwise low economic value.

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