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Q. Are there any hidden charges when using Man and Van Nottingham?
A. No. You just pay the hourly rate for jobs in the local area, the fuel surcharge if it’s a long distance job and that’s it.

Q. If the job is finished early do I have to pay the full estimated price?
A. No. The reason why we use an hourly rate rather than quoting fixed prices is because we think it is unfair that you should pay for time in which no work is done. So if we over estimated the duration of your job, that's fine. You'll just pay for what you use.

Q. Do I need insurance for the items to be moved?
A. Low value items are insured by us whilst we move them. Until they are placed in our vehicle they may be covered by contents insurance (if you have it). We suggest checking the details of your policy. If you wish to move high value items, please tell us about them at the time of booking.

Q. Can I cancel a booking?
A. Sometimes cancellations are unavoidable. Depending on the notice you provide us we may still ask for payment in part or in whole. See terms and conditions.

Q. Do you have a limit with regards to how far you will go?
A. No. We have taken on jobs as far away as the south of France, and for a very affordable price.

Q. Do you take things to the tip?
A. No, we are not licensed waste carriers so we cannot dispose of items. Generally, council services are the cheapest for bulk waste disposal.

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